Shannon specializes in fine art wedding, fashion, boudoir, travel and lifestyle photography. She currently shares time in California and on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, with travels in between. 

Shannon photographs destination weddings, as well as weddings based throughout California and Hawaii.  In all of her work, Shannon strives to elicit feeling and emotion, to bring the viewer back to that moment in time. While the nature of wedding photography is documentary in style, the majority of Shannon's work focuses on the little moments in between. The kiss on the forehead before walking down the aisle, the look  in the grooms eye when he first sees his bride, the joy in the face of the flower girl playing on the dance floor... These moments are those that Shannon helps to capture.

Whether you have a wedding, event, life milestone, boudoir or commercial photography needs, Shannon would love to assist you in documenting these beautiful moments and memories. 


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi


A note from Shannon:

I believe in capturing moments, in stopping time with my shutter... I have a deep love for the beauty in all things. I love to bring that beauty to life in my photography.

My love for photography began early on, after seeing images of the great Ansel Adams. Ansel's images somehow took me into the photos as a child. I was no longer standing in front of his work, but instead immersed in the greatness and beauty around me, I was part of the photograph. In later years, I was taken into the eyes of the "Afghan Girl" by Steve McCurry, and into shades of black and grey of Georgia O'Keeffe, photographed by Yousuf Karsh...

Photos like these, inspire me to capture life, love, beauty and everything in between... doing so, I tell the story of my eyes...